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You may have a question on your mind, what are Floor and Lease planning? Why people spent lots of money on the Floor and Lease planning all over the world? It’s because when a planner works on it, they save a lot of money from being lost when a project is first begun. They give the owner proper planning, which is subsequently used to seek the planning permit.

What Is Floor Plan?

A Floor plan is a diagram that shows the structure of a building in two dimensions. It shows the placement of walls, windows, doors, stairs, and other permanent fixtures. A Floor plan allows you to easily analyze the area of the area from a bird’s eye view.

What Is Lease Plan?

A Lease plan defines the parameters of what the landlord and tenant are responsible for. To do this, a Floor plan is created with colored demise lines of the relevant property.

Floor plans may be drafted to scale, which means reducing the size of a drawing so the whole room can fit to a certain scale. A common scale we use is 1:100 as this is a common scale requirement for most planning applications. A draftsperson always indicates the scale used in a floor plan.

Floor plans are usually produced so they can be provided to the council when you seek planning permission. The drawings help show the council what proposed works you intend to do when you are asking for the permission as well as what is existing at your property. They can be used to aid with property sales and personal use for future references.

Lease plans are commonly supplied to your solicitor if you are looking to lease out property or commercial space. Lease plans are the same as floor plans but indicate what each room is used for. For instance, if you have a common area in your shop this will be highlighted and labelled. The same applies for your W/C; it will be outlined and labelled. Lease plans are used to show the leaser what the property or space looks like.