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KPCL Architecture research and select to take on projects which we feel are feasible and have a strong possibility of achieving good feedback.

However, there are occasions where planning is refused as we cannot always guarantee its approval.

The planning refusal can be for several reasons, but the Council must state these reasons and give planning policy reasons accordingly. A planning appeal is a process where an applicant has the right to challenge and appeal against the decision of the officer. However, there is a restricted period within which an appeal can be made, which is six months from the date of the refusal or 12 weeks in the case of Householder Applications. In order to achieve the best chance of success, an appeal needs to be made as soon as possible. It is also beneficial to consider seeking professional help as the legal requirements and jargon used by the planning authorities can cause confusion which then results in the appeal being withdrawn or misinterpreted.

In most cases, the planning authority can be constructive in giving applicants the opportunity to amend the application before it is decided, and we can help by speaking with the officers to obtain the best advice to get the planning approved. Again, it is dependent on the officer and the local authority so a refusal cannot always be avoided.

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