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When you wish having a bigger home or better commercial property, there are several things that need to be completed. One of the main things to get planning permission for your proposed work is sending off a planning application to the council to get permission.

Without getting permission from the council you will not be able to build your desired proposal; unless you are applying within your permitted development rights, which in that case you can start building once a building notice and your building control drawings have been submitted to the council.


Before undertaking a project we assess the history and context of the site and its surrounding. We research about your local planning authority and corroborate what planning applications previous neighbouring properties have proposed, whether it was accepted or refused we still look into it. We also establish where the property is based, if it is under a Conservation Area, a listed building or in a flood risk zone. These characteristics will affect your planning application and additional documents may be required to accompaniment the proposal. However, such impediments will be discussed with clients appropriately.

Following the initial site visit, a site survey and measurement will be conducted to gather all the existing dimensions and a photographic survey to chronicle the existing site. We prepare the initial drawings within 7-14 working days ensuring that there are options for the client to consider. We will work with you to make plans that are to your satisfaction and within government legislation (planning and building control). We can create whatever the client wishes as long as it is feasible for when submitting the planning application. Once everything is finalised and confirmed by the client, the application will be submitted along with the drawings.

Our consultants at KPCL Architecture submit most applications online using the planning portal. However, there are occasions (usually for larger developments) when it may be necessary to prepare a written application with bound drawings and documents.

**Please note – KPCL Architecture cannot guarantee that planning applications will be granted.


Full planning applications include:

  • All existing drawings of the property (floor plans, elevations, sections)
  • All proposed drawings (floor plans, elevations, sections, site plans)
  • A detailed Design and Access Statement (if required)
  • Heritage Statement, Flood Risk Assessment, Arboricultural Report, etc (we will advise if these are required for your planning applications)
  • Site plan and block plan, Ordnance Survey Map
  • Application forms, Notification letters, CIL Questions
  • Council Fee


On average, for all other planning applications the following is required:

  • All existing drawings of the property (floor plans, elevations, sections)
  • All proposed drawings (floor plans, elevation, sections, site plans)
  • Site plan and block plan, Ordnance Survey Map
  • Application Form
  • Council fee if required


Once planning permission has been granted, the CAD drawings can be re-configured and adjusted to provide building regulation drawings and detailed/technical drawings for building control approval – services which KPCL Architecture can additionally provide.

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