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Party Wall Services

When you wish having a bigger home or better commercial property, there are several things that need to be completed. One of the main things to get planning permission for your proposed work is sending off a planning application to the council to get permission.

The Party Wall Act 1996, is designed to allow certain building works to be performed, without affecting the walls, boundary walls and excavations which are close to it, or which are adjoining, buildings and structures which are having work done to them. By law a building owner has to give two weeks written notice on construction functions which affect a party wall or border, or a month’s notice for excavations. When there’s a failure to serve a party, wall notice the work you have done so far is labelled as law breach.

Are You The Adjoining Owner Who Got Served A Party Wall Notice?


Are You Searching For A Party Wall Services?

Well, a party wall surveyors are a group of professionals who are experts in party wall advice for all kinds of party wall matters  A Party wall Surveyor is a professional person who specializes in settling disputes arising out of the Party wall etc. Act of 1997.

The Party wall Surveyors job is to provide information to the owner of the wall etc., of any possible problems that may arise in the future. He is also expected to give information about the cost involved in erecting the wall. Party wall Surveyors are trained professionals who are well versed with the technicalities involved in the construction work and know-how to give accurate information to both parties involved in the project.

They have great experience and expertise in a wide range of party wall issues and they can also help you in connection with a large range of projects, from simple house extensions to large commercial developments. Party wall serving is very important thus the owner has to take the party wall agreement process before he/she commences their proposed work. So, in this article, we are going to help you understand party wall services, what they do, and everything related to them. Hope you like it.

What service will you get from our Party Wall Services?

As it was mentioned before that party wall services will provide you with a range of service. So, what are these services? It depends on whether you are the building owner or the neighbour of the building where work is carried out. If you are the building owner and carrying out the building works then you will get the following services;

  • They will help you know which neighbouring houses fall within the scope of the party wall.
  • You can ask for help from them about party wall notices.
  • They can prepare and agree on a party wall award for you.
  • They will prepare a list of conditions from the neighbouring properties so that you will not be accused of any pre-existing defects.
  • But it is quite different when you are the neighbour of the building where work is carried out. You will be getting the following service at that time:
  • They can help you know your rights and advise you under party wall rules.
  • They will ensure all controls are in place to minimize the risk of damage to your property.
  • Their association will check and monitor the building works to make sure if there is any damage to your property or not.
  • The developer of the building has to pay the fees instead of you.


How Much Does A Party Wall Surveyor Cost?

Are you worried about the cost of the party wall service? Well, do not worry because most of them will charge with an amount which will be worth spending. Different party wall service provides a different amount of money but here is an average amount of money charged by them:

For building owners:

  • Without any further obligation, they will start the pre-construction advice report within £175.
  • They will provide you with party wall notice which will charge you £75 per neighbouring property.
  • On average the party wall fees start at £900.


To recapitulate, a party wall service is very important for you even if want to extend your house or construct a new building. And trust me you will get more service than you need. If you take party wall services, then you won’t be facing any problem in the near future related to your building. Hope this article helped you clear your doubts related to party wall service.

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