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Planning application wraps the whole process of submitting a formal request to the local council for alteration, extension of the existing property (like loft conversion, rear extension, garage conversion) or building something new. Our team of architectural designers and engineers will survey the site and research the histories of neighboring properties’ proposals and will make the architectural plans and drawings accordingly.

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Building regulations are those least amount of standards which are set by UK government that a building must have while designing, modifying and/ or constructing. Our team concentrate on the regulations such as water drainage, fire damage while drawing and constructing the property so that it never gets negative feedback from the building inspector/ control authority.

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Our dedicated team of structural engineers will survey and make the analysis for the structural components, structural systems, heave and subsidence, underpinning to ensure the building/ design you are hoping to establish (like new foundation, conversion, load bearing wall removal, chimney breast removal) stands still safely for long run. We also specialize in timber engineering and party wall surveying.

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Floor plan drawing, also known as land registry compliant is usually needed for leasing commercial/residential spaces or as a part of the whole designing process. Our building surveyor team will survey your desired space and then the CAD team with keen skills will project an orthographic view from your sketch or from the sketch made by us in case you don’t have one to create a view of the layout of building from above.

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In worst case scenario, if the application is not approved by the council, they will specify the reason(s) for denying your proposal. Our team will always be here for any alteration that you may require. Often, the planning authority can be constructive before making the decision and we can consult with the authority on behalf of for bringing the positive decision.

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Sometimes an existing property needs improvement since it adds value to the property without spending too much. Also, your building may have gone outdated or faced an unfortunate event and you need to renovate it. The renovation process needs a lot of things to bring under consideration from existing building condition to surrounding environment. Our team and affiliates will guide you through the whole process.

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Once your structure is shaped, it’s time to sketch your visualization into reality. Our interior designing team will convert the image in your head to sketch and then project it through the means of 2D, 3D renders, walkthrough animation, photorealistic renders. Sometimes we affiliate with a lot of leading interior designers to provide you the best aesthetics.

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Loft conversion is a common building practice around the world by altering the empty space of the roof and turning it into houseroom or into a functional space. Everyone admires a little space in their house and converting a roof from an empty space with a pile of dust and cobweb into a guest room, children playroom or even to an office not only gives you the opportunity to properly utilize the space but also cost effective since it’s a lot cheaper than making an extension. Certain factors might be needed to bring under consideration prior to such alteration of your roof, but, with few skills and knowledge, you are able to do it by yourself without spending a lot of money.

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Party Wall Services


A party wall is basically a raised wall that sits at a boundary wall and stands on the land of the two owners. It can also be a raised wall that doesn’t sit directly on a property line but separates homes belonging to two different landlords.

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