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The Best Flooring For Kitchen UK

Kitchen flooring is one of the parts that define the beauty and elegance of a house. Not only the flooring but it has the type, colour, element of flooring that also adds to the beauty. Along with beauty, kitchen flooring should be chosen wisely considering the life span and cost.


The Best Flooring For Kitchen UK

would be:

Best Flooring For Kitchen uk

The people of the UK are very clean and tidy. And to suit their clean houses the above is inevitable. The colour combination allows light to reflect from the floor to the walls and the ceiling making the house look brighter and cleaner. With white walls, it will ambush into similar colour.

Plus, the check design is trendy now. Tiles or wood, the raw fashion suits everywhere. More advantages to it are- In the summers such flooring helps to keep the house cool.

But the shady tiles don’t come to everybody’s choice. Some people value traditional wooden flooring more than modern tiling.

The Best Wooden Flooring For Kitchen UK


Wooden flooring uses authentic materials which introduce depth and character. It offers a handcrafted look that best complements heritage inspired by nature itself. Plus, it looks like the old bold Nordic view of the house. With a little woody shaded wall, the adjustments would be flawless. Yellow lights in the rooms will cause the house to have a fresh wooden look. Isn’t it so authentic!!!

best wooden flooring

For such wooden flooring, the best wood would be Oak, maple, or cherry. The costing would be a bit however quality would be exquisite.  With oak flooring, it will look very fresh mahogany colour.

With the options of tiling and wooden flooring, some prefer laminating floors. It is a composite flooring material over the usual wall.

The Best Laminate Flooring For Kitchen UK

Would be:

The above gives a clear look at stone flooring at the cost of laminating.  For rented flats or temporary living areas, laminate flooring comes out best because it’s a good option at a cheap price. It can be easily

changed. Less maintenance is required because no matter what it looks will wear off with time. So better completely change when obsolete.

best laminate flooring

Among the aforementioned floorings, for a family full of members the best flooring would be the first one – The shady tile flooring. With many members, the usage of the floors would be high so laminate flooring would wear off easily. Therefore, it would become an unwise decision to use it as frequent changes would add up more costs. Plus, with the factor of cleanliness in mind, tiles are the best option as wooden flooring would cost more if the quality is maintained.

With all the options in hand, another flooring used very often is vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is a synthetic component that is very durable, affordable, and easy to install. It is increasingly popular these days. An example of vinyl flooring for the best flooring for kitchen UK is:

Laminate flooring

The plus point of vinyl flooring is it comes with any kind of outlook you want. You can put the authentic wooden look, or the modern tiles look, or even if there’s a customized look you would like to give it. Plus, it comes in at a cost almost similar to laminate flooring. Just consider it a  carpet of various themes.

Now among normal people, some pet-loving people would like to have brilliant flooring that isn’t easily damaged by the activities of pets.

Vinyl Flooring Would Suit The Best Flooring For Kitchen UK  With Dogs.


  • Vinyl flooring is stain-resistant. It’s not uncommon for pets to accidentally or deliberately slip your coffee cup or a buckle of, In that case, stains won’t be permanent with the vinyl flooring.
  • Vinyl flooring is scratch-resistant. So, the paws of your pet will be harmless to the floor.
  • Makes no sound as it’s quiet underfoot.
  • Easy to clean as it’s vinyl (a form of quality plastic)
  • Waterproof. So causes no damage to the actual floor of the
  • Easily changeable after obsolescence, as the cost is within a

However, being the best option, it has also downfallen like:

  • It’s less eco-friendly.
  • It also dulls easily.

Vinyl flooring has been on the rise in every country these days. It has also replaced the traditional carpeting system. The Carpeting system has much more hassles. It needs to be kept clean and it’s not even dust-free. Without regular mopping, the carpeting may even lead to health issues.

Also, some houses are in the metropolitan area. So near to the road provides more dust. Hence it will require a different type of flooring.

The best flooring for kitchen UK

within high traffic area would  be:

Tile flooring

This is ceramic (also known as porcelain) flooring. Nothing beats this flooring when it comes to dusty areas. Plus, it provides an artistic look when applied to the floors. Ceramic is man-made from natural elements such as clay. They are very durable and hence popular for kitchen walls and floors. They come in different shapes and sizes so any look can be applied. It doesn’t need to look like clay.

These floorings are stain-resistant and waterproof. Any accumulated dust can be easily mopped off. They are perfect for kitchen flooring within a dusty metropolitan area with high traffic.

So, after considering all of the possible alternatives we can classify  them into ranks of:

6/ Stone flooring

5/Ceramic flooring

4/Laminate flooring

3/Wooden flooring

2/Tile flooring

1/Vinyl flooring

The winner which is the best flooring for kitchen UK is: “Vinyl flooring”.

It adjusts to every hardship the floor is to go through. Say dust or pet or spillage or scratches. It is easily renewed whenever the mind gets off it. It’s both users friendly and cost-effective. Quality and look are served properly as well. It can be used in both metropolitan or rural areas. It also comes with all the possible looks you would like to install. It seems like there are 10 pros to 1 con of using the vinyl flooring for UK  kitchens.

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