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Dormer Loft Conversion Ideas

Loft conversions have become extremely popular these days. And there is no surprise why this is the case. Homeowners have started to realise that enhancing and modifying their homes can add more value to their lives rather than spending money on making an extra room or buying a new house. And according to the architecture and designers, a loft conversion is the best way to add more value to your house. A Dormer loft conversion is a clever alternative to the extension of a house. If you want to add a lounge or an extra bathroom, guest room, or even a kitchen, then a loft conversion would be the best choice for you. In this article about the dormer loft conversion ideas, I will inform you about the loft conversion and give you some ideas about it, especially for dormer loft conversion ideas.


 What is a Dormer Loft Conversion?

In the Uk, the dormer loft conversion is the most common type of loft conversion.  Dormer loft conversion works best if you have a sloping roof. With dormer loft conversions, the windows are added to increase the size of the place. But the windows must be on the same side as the front of the house. This extension would be a square-shaped box that would be 90 degrees to the sloping roof. The main advantage of having the dormer loft conversion is that you can hit two birds with one stone. You can extend not only the headspace of your loft, but you can also increase the length of your floor. The transparent window will allow more natural light to enter the room. Here are some dormer loft conversion ideas.

You Can Choose Anyone From These Dormer Loft Conversion Ideas.

So you might be sitting at your home, thinking about how you can make your dormer loft conversion. You might be looking at the budget that you go to spend, thinking about how and where you should stretch the most. And I believe overall, a loft conversion is the best way you can add value to the house. So I would recommend you to increase your budget a little if you have a low budget. Because every penny would be worth it. You are essentially dealing with a void of space that is already empty, instead of being uninsulated or a storeroom you are taking it to usable floor space. And the cost of doing this modification is relatively cheaper than supposedly extending a full house.

Here are a few advantages of changing your loft-

1) Converting your loft is an outstanding way of enlarging your private home, without eating up the gap of your cute lawn. If you need to make a further room for your child or a guest or maybe for you, then converting your loft might be the smartest choice for you.

2) Converting the loft will increase the price of your private home considerably. If for instance, you are deciding to promote your private home then converting the loft before promoting can increase the value of your home dramatically. This might as well let you promote your property with a good-looking amount of cash.

3) The residing room may have a higher view from the home windows as it may be at the top of the residence. The room will be filled with more natural light.

But it is not hassle-unfastened continuously, there are numerous elements that you want to think about before deciding whether or not it’s the right way to feature greater value and area to your house. You might be asking yourself, like where can I make a dormer loft conversion near me? Is planning permission required for a dormer loft conversion? In this article, I will answer all the frequently asked questions in detail. Don’t fear you are not the only one that has this type of query. Here are a few common questions that people ask me whilst changing the loft.

Is Planning permission Required For a Dormer Loft Conversion?

The answer is no. You don’t need planning permission as it falls under permitted development rules. So what is permitted development? It is a set of rules which if you follow, you can complete the task without having to do the planning permission. The big problem that everyone is facing, is not knowing what they are allowed to do under planning permission. It can be quite a daunting task to look through the rules of the government. Because the rules only tell you what you can’t do, they don’t tell you what you can do.

A big concern that you need to consider is to think about what would happen to your floor below so that you get up safely in the loft. So before starting your project it is better to contact your local government. They will examine the whole lot and inform you if you need planning permission anymore. In the list below I have added some rules which if you follow you don’t need planning permission.

The rules are-

  • The loft conversion shouldn’t extend beyond the plane of the room.
  • The extension should not have any balcony or veranda.
  • If you live in a terraced house then you can extend up to 40 cm3.
  • If you live in a detached property you can extend up to 50cm3.
  • Your home should not be included in areas like parks, or any design area.
  • If the outer wall of the house should be kept as a boundary that must not be crossed.
  • Any side-facing windows in dormer loft conversion inside the room must be 1.7 metres above the floor.
  • If you fulfill the requirements then you do not need planning permission.

 How Much Does a Dormer Loft Conversion Cost?

Whenever you want to modify your house the first thing that comes to your mind is your budget. The cost of the Dormer Loft conversion depends on many different factors. Your cost will depend on the type of dormer Loft conversion you’re making, You live, or whether or not you need planning permission or not.  The best thing to use in this situation would be the cost of a loft conversion calculator. The calculator takes in all the factors and gives you a rough idea of the budget you need.

That’s all you need to know before you step into a dormer Loft conversion project.  help this article about the dormer loft conversion ideas was helpful. Best of luck.


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