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How Much Does a Kitchen Extension Cost?

November 24 2020
How Much Does a Kitchen Extension Cost

Are you interested in extending your kitchen or adding a new kitchen section in your house? Extensions are often a difficult subject. It is often difficult to urge a transparent understanding of all the principles, regulations, and costs. That’s why it’s an honest idea to urge a correct handle on extension costs before you dive in. It’s even worth using an extension cost calculator to offer yourself a general price overview. Kitchen extension costs vary counting on your project, but one thing that’s certain for all kitchen extension types is that you simply will reap the advantages of your newly converted space, once complete. This article will shed light on questions you may have like how much does a kitchen extension costs and things related to kitchen extensions. 


What is The Cost of a Kitchen Extension?

As well as build costs and professional fees, there’ll likely be the value of applying for planning permission and getting building regulations approval to incorporate also. Finally, you would like to allow the kitchen itself, including flooring and decoration. once you are setting a allow your kitchen extension, there’ll be a particular amount of flex in each stage, so we’ve broken the project down into cost areas.

The expert tips provide all the knowledge you would like to realize your ideal kitchen extension while ensuring you set a sensible budget. Single floor extensions plan from around £1,500 per m² for building work for a basic single story extension. A more individual extension, with bespoke windows and doors, will cost from £1,900 to £2,200 per m². Higher specification finishes can increase costs up to £3,000 per m². Redesigning work, like reworking an indoor layout is probably going to cost £500 to £900 per m².

Extra foundation costs are going to incur by difficult ground conditions, like clay, peat, nearby trees, or slopes. Ask a structural engineer and your agency building control for a thought of likely foundation type. Small extensions under 15 to 20m² achieve no economies of scale, so costs are higher per square meter. The cost of even a modest kitchen extension starts at $15,000, assuming the first kitchen is of average size. The prices may generally divide into two separate projects: making the extension and building the new kitchen. However, an equivalent team will usually work on both projects. Extending a kitchen costs more per sq ft than extending basic living areas. This project usually involves relocating electrical and plumbing fixtures.

Is Planning Permission Needed for Kitchen Extension?

Addition or extension to your house* is usually considered to be permitted development. So you won’t get to undergo the extra hassle of getting planning permission as long as:

  • Your extension is not quite half the world of land around the original house.
  • Your extension isn’t forward of the principal elevation or side elevation onto a highway
  • The extension isn’t above the very best part of the roof
  • In the case of single floor extensions, it must not extend beyond the rear wall of the first house by quite eight meters for a single dwelling or quite six meters for the other house
  • The maximum height of your single floor rear extension isn’t above four meters
  • Extensions of quite one floor don’t extend beyond the rear wall of the first house by quite three meters
  • Side extensions are single floor with a maximum height of 4 meters and width no quite half that of the first house
  • Two-floor extensions are not any closer than seven meters to the rear boundary
  • The materials are similar in appearance to the prevailing house
  • An Extension doesn’t include verandas, balconies, or raised platforms
  • Any upper-floor, side-facing windows are obscure-glazed; any opening is 1.7m above the ground.

What is The Cost of Planning Permission for a Kitchen Extension?

If your kitchen extension needs planning permission, planning application fees will cost around £200, but what you’ll pay will depend upon what you’re proposing and whether you’re in England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. In England, a certificate of lawful development costs £234. Your extension requires planning permission, you’ll need the subsequent additional reports:

  • If your project affects trees, a tree report, at a price of £200 upwards;
  • Your house is within a flood zone, a flood risk assessment: £600 upwards;
  • Many local authorities require an ecology report: from £720 upwards;
  • In areas of archaeological interest, an archaeological report supported a watching brief during excavation: this will cost several thousand pounds;
  • If your house list, a historic building report is probably going to require.

How Much Will a Kitchen Extension Increase The Worth of Your Home?

A single-floor kitchen extension can increase your home’s market price anywhere from 5 to 10 percent. When understanding kitchen extension costs, it is vital to think about what proportion the extension itself might increase the worth of your home because it’s knowing to ensure what you spend on the extension doesn’t outstrip the value-added. It’s really worthwhile chatting with local estate agents for a more accurate idea, but as a suggestion, a one-floor kitchen extension can add somewhere between 5 and 10 percent to the worth of your home; while double floor extensions with an additional bedroom may add up to twenty percent. This is often very hooked into the local market, the standard of the extension you add, and lots of other factors, which is why it’s worth chatting with a trusted local agent first.

Proper research before you begin an addition or remodeling project can help make these undertakings less scary. it’ll also assist you to decide what you would like to accomplish and the way much you’re willing to spend. A strategic execution will help make sure that your project increases the worth of your home. Kitchens are a well-liked choice for extensions thanks to the central role they play in most homes. They really open up the bottom floor and should increase the worth of your home. Hope this article helped in knowing how much does a kitchen extension cost.


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