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What is a Floor Plan & Lease Plan?

November 02 2020
What is a Floor Plan & Lease Plan


# Plan & Lease Plan

What is a floor plan & lease plan? Why do you think architecture and civil engineers pay so high in the UK and any other parts of the world? It is because they save a lot of money from getting wasted while starting a project. They provide proper planning to the owner and then these plans use to apply during the planning permission. A floor plan gives a 2D picture of the floor. In other words, it displays the internal structure of the floor, the view that sees from the eyes of an eagle. Floor plans are simple and real and that is why it is also an important document to consider before making a contract. Whereas a lease plan is a plan to create a new title to the land. It is guaranteed by the government.

It also tells you when and why the lease plan dies. And another important purpose of the lease plan is to show exactly what area of land include in the lease. And knowing about the floor plan and lease plan, how it does, what is the cost required, and other important things beforehand can help you in the long run and can also save a lot of money in the future.

If you want to know what is a floor plan & lease plan? Or are you thinking of leasing a property? What is a personal lease plan? There is no doubt that you are in the right place. Let’s face it, preparing plans for registration purposes is not an easy task. In this article, I will tell you everything about what is a floor plan & lease plan, so that you don’t go through the same mistakes as everyone does. So let’s get straight into it.


# What Is The Purpose Of A Floor Plan?

As I already mentioned that the floor plan is the bird-eye-view of the property just without having the roof. It indicates the correct location of the bedrooms, bathrooms, and every nook and cranny of your property. But why is it necessary to have a floor plan drawing? If you are smart enough you might already have realized the importance of the floor plan. It requires to allow the buyers and the renter to understand the actual structure and the real value of the property. So for example, if you want to rent or sell your property you just need to post the floor in any social media account or you can send the floor plan document directly to your customer.

It makes your task even simpler. It will show all the built-in features to the customers, as the wardrobes, the furniture, the kitchen units, the bathroom units, many more. You might as well say that this is quite an easy job to be a floor plan creator as it is only the plan of your property. But it is not so simple. If you see a floor plan sample you will see that everything that draws in the plan has to scale accurately. And this where architecture play their roles. Scale drawing and floor plan with dimensions are important as they maintain both the accurate position and the proportion of the actual object.

You have to know how to read floor plan measurements. If you don’t know exactly how scaling works just think about how a map shows a huge space in just a small piece of paper. They use the concept of scaling. If it was not scaled it wouldn’t have been a true representation of the actual size of the built-in features to the renters and the buyers.

# What Is The Difference Between A Site Plan And A Floor Plan?

A site plan is different from the floor. Although a site plan focuses on the orientation,  location, and structure of a building, it mainly focuses on the surroundings of a building. A site plan is also equally important as the floor plan. You have to show all these plans to your customers before making a contract. For example, your customer might as well want to know if your property has a garage outside or a small garden. This can only show by a site plan, not a lease plan.

# How Much Does It Cost For A Floor Plan?

The average cost of completing the floor plan of a 3 bedroom apartment is around 1700 pounds. However, it will vary a lot from 500-3000 pounds depending on the type of draftsman you hire and it also depends on the type of house you have. If you hire an expert like a professor he or she will charge you around 130 pounds an hour and it can take around 10-15 hours to complete the one-floor plan, However, you can also find an architecture who will charge you 50 pounds an hour but he or she will take more time.

# What Is A Personal Lease Plan?

A personal lease plan is a plan of payment to pay the return of your car. You will set a time which will be around 12-36 months where you will pay a fixed amount monthly. Generally, a personal lease requires a deposit at first however, there are second-hand car selling companies that don’t require a deposit at the start.

# What Are Land Registry Lease Plans?

Quite simply, lease plan drawings or diagrams show which part of a property include in a lease.  It draws to scale and shows all parts of the property included in a lease as well as any land, garden, and outbuildings. You can also do lease plans online.

# Is A Lease A Good Idea?

Many people have the wrong idea about the lease. Buying a house or property on lease allows you to buy houses which when bought without a lease are not affordable. At the same time, you can also get better surroundings for your pets, and most importantly you can save the money you wanted to invest in buying a house into something that can give you a profit.

So that’s all you had to know to ensure that you understand what is a floor plan & lease plan.  Hope this article was helpful. Thanks for reading.

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