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London Architectural Salvage Company

May 07 2024
London Architectural Salvage Company

KPCL Group is the heart of a city that seamlessly blends the old with the new, the London Architectural Salvage Company stands as a testament to timeless beauty and sustainability. 

Here, history is not demolished but cherished, with each piece telling its own story of past grandeur. 

This article invites you on a journey through narrow alleys and hidden courtyards, where every brick and banister has been lovingly preserved. 

It’s a treasure trove for designers, historians, and dreamers alike, where the patina of age is not just preserved; it’s celebrated. Step inside, and let’s uncover the charm of London’s architectural heritage together, one salvaged gem at a time.


Exploring the Treasures of KPCL Group


1. A Journey Through Time with KPCL Architecture Group

Stepping into the London Architectural Salvage Company (KPCL) is like embarking on a voyage through history. Each piece in the collection tells a story, a fragment of the past preserved for the future. The allure of KPCL Group lies in their ability to infuse modern spaces with the charm and character of bygone eras.

Here’s a glimpse into the categories of treasures you might discover:

  • Entranceways & Doors, including grand entranceways and both external and internal doors
  • Flooring options like parquet, board, and strip, all reclaimed, alongside stone, tiles, and other unique finds
  • Furniture selections that range from tables and chairs to cupboards, dressers, and bookcases, each with a history of its own

The beauty of architectural salvage is not just in the aesthetic appeal but also in the stories embedded within each piece. It’s a sustainable choice that celebrates craftsmanship and heritage.

Whether you’re a designer, homeowner, or collector, KPCL Group ever-changing inventory promises a treasure trove of opportunities to connect with history.

2. The Art of Connecting Past and Present

At the heart of London Architectural Salvage Company (KPCL Group), lies the art of connecting past and present. Our clients find not just materials, but memories and meaning in the architectural relics we curate.

Our inventory is a testament to the enduring allure of reclaimed materials. From the rich patina of vintage woods to the intricate details of period fixtures, every item is selected for its potential to bridge time. Here’s a glimpse into our diverse collection:

  • Reclaimed tropical hardwoods: Exotic and durable, perfect for statement pieces.
  • Vintage drawers: Offering creative re-use possibilities beyond mere storage.
  • Sculpture and works on paper: Artistic expressions that capture the spirit of their time.

By choosing to incorporate these elements into your space, you’re not just decorating; you’re preserving a slice of history and crafting a narrative that is uniquely yours.

3. Unique Finds in London’s East End

The East End of London, known for its rich history and cultural tapestry, is also home to some of the most unique architectural salvage finds. At KPCL Group, every piece tells a story, from vintage signage to reclaimed ironwork. Here’s a glimpse into the eclectic mix you might discover:

  • Original London street signs, each with its own tale of the city’s past
  • Antique cast iron road signs, offering a touch of Victorian charm
  • Enamel advertising signs, a colorful nod to bygone commercial art
  • Reclaimed gates and railings, with intricate designs and craftsmanship

These items not only serve as decorative pieces but also as conversation starters, infusing spaces with character and history. 

Whether you’re an avid collector or simply seeking something different for your home, the treasures of London’s East End await. It’s a place where the past is always present, and every find is a fragment of the city’s ever-evolving story.

The KPCL Group Experience


Venue Hire

with a Twist

Imagine hosting your event surrounded by the whispers of history and the charm of vintage elegance. KPCL Group offers a venue hire experience that is anything but ordinary. With spaces filled with architectural treasures, your event will be a memorable journey through time.

  • Unique and unusual wedding venues in London are sought after for their distinctive character, and KPCL Group stands out as a prime location. Each corner tells a story, making it the perfect backdrop for those special moments.

The ambiance of our venue is imbued with a sense of history and creativity, ensuring that your event will be as unique as the pieces that adorn the space.

With a variety of spaces to choose from, we can accommodate intimate gatherings or grand affairs. Contact us to discover how we can make your event truly exceptional.

Dining Amongst Architectural Gems

KPCL Group’s dining experience is not just about the food, but also about immersing oneself in a space adorned with architectural magic.

Our menu is crafted to complement the surroundings, with dishes that echo the quality and craftsmanship of the architectural pieces that envelop you. Here’s a taste of what to expect:

  • Seasonal dishes inspired by British heritage
  • Ingredients sourced from local suppliers
  • A selection of fine wines and artisanal beers

The essence of our dining experience is the harmonious blend of culinary delights with the rich tapestry of architectural history that surrounds you.

Remember,  From the warmth of reclaimed wooden beams to the intricate details of vintage ironwork, each element contributes to an atmosphere that is both inspiring and intimate.

A Guide to Architectural Salvage


The Philosophy of Re-use

At the heart of the London Architectural Salvage Company (KPCL Group) lies a deep commitment to the philosophy of re-use. This principle is not just about recycling; it’s about reimagining the potential of every piece that passes through our doors.

Embracing re-use is an art form that combines vision with sustainability. It’s a thoughtful process of giving new life to what was once old, blending history with modernity.

Our approach is guided by three key tenets:

  • Preservation: We believe in conserving the craftsmanship and beauty of the past.
  • Innovation: By finding new purposes for old materials, we foster creativity.
  • Sustainability: Re-using materials reduces waste and the demand for new resources.

Whether you’re a best architecture firm in London looking to infuse robustness and beauty into your projects, or a homeowner seeking to curate a space with character, KPCL Group is your ally in connecting the past with the present.

From Vintage Rugs to Tropical Hardwoods

The allure of vintage rugs lies not just in their aesthetic appeal but also in the stories they carry from the past. Each rug, with its unique design and patina, speaks of a different era and a different hand that crafted it.

Our inventory doesn’t stop at soft furnishings. We extend our passion for the past into the realm of hard materials, with a special focus on reclaimed tropical hardwoods. These woods, once part of colonial-era ships or grand old buildings, now find new life as part of your living space. Their durability and rich patina make them a sought-after material for those looking to add a touch of elegance and history to their interiors.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the items you might find in our collection:

  • Antique & Vintage Rugs
  • Reclaimed Tropical Hardwoods
  • Vintage Wooden Cabinets
  • Rattan Side Tables
  • Oak Corner Cabinets

Whether you’re an interior designer seeking inspiration or a homeowner looking to infuse your space with character, KPCL Group’s range of vintage rugs and tropical hardwoods offers something for everyone.

Curating Your Own Space with Salvaged Pieces

Creating a personal space that reflects your unique style and history can be a deeply rewarding experience. Incorporating salvaged pieces into your home decor not only adds character but also tells a story. Each item, from reclaimed wood to vintage rugs, carries its own past and contributes to a sustainable future. Here are some tips to help you curate your space with architectural salvage:

  • Start with a vision for your space, considering the overall aesthetic you want to achieve.
  • Mix and match different textures and materials for a layered, eclectic look.
  • Focus on statement pieces that draw the eye and start conversations.
  • Don’t be afraid to repurpose items in unexpected ways to add a touch of whimsy.

When selecting pieces, think about the history and the narrative they bring into your home. It’s not just about the visual appeal; it’s about the resonance and the connection to times gone by.

Remember, the key to successfully curating your space is to blend the old with the new in a way that feels harmonious and intentional. Whether it’s a striking hardwood overmantel mirror or an elegant brass circular mirror, each piece should feel like it belongs in your narrative.

Why Choose KPCL Group?

When it comes to preserving London’s architectural heritage, the KPCL Group stands out as a beacon of excellence. Here’s why they are the ideal partner for the London Architectural Salvage Company:

Expertise: KPCL Group team has a collective of certified architectural designers and structural engineers, ensuring that every salvaged piece is handled with the utmost care and expertise

Client-Centric Approach: KPCL is known for its client-focused service, tailoring each project to the individual needs and visions of their clients

Comprehensive Services: From planning applications to building regulation drawings and interior design solutions, they offer a full spectrum of services that complement the needs of an architectural salvage company

Sustainability Commitment: Their dedication to sustainability aligns perfectly with the ethos of architectural salvage, which is all about reusing and repurposing with respect for history and the environment.

In essence, KPCL Group’s blend of experience, expertise, and comprehensive services makes them the perfect ally for the London Architectural Salvage Company, ensuring that every piece of history is not only preserved but given a new lease on life in the modern world.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is KPCL Group?

Established in London’s East End, KPCL Group(The London Architectural Salvage and Supply Co.) has dealt in reclamation and salvage since 2007, offering a wide range of architectural antiques and unique relics.

Can I hire a venue at KPCL Group?

Yes, KPCL Group’s shops and yards provide a unique backdrop for venue hire, perfect for various events that benefit from an atmosphere surrounded by architectural gems.

How can I purchase a KPCL Group gift card?

KPCL Group gift cards are redeemable online or in store and can be purchased by contacting KPCL Group directly through their contact information or visiting one of their locations.

What types of items does KPCL Group stock?

KPCL Group stocks a diverse range of salvaged items, including vintage rugs, tropical hardwoods, architectural elements, lighting, garden antiques, and much more.

Does KPCL Group offer bespoke furniture services?

Yes, KPCL Group’s Studio crafts bespoke furniture from salvaged materials, creating unique pieces infused with history for both indoor and outdoor settings.


As we’ve explored the fascinating world of architectural salvage in London, it’s clear that companies like KPCL Group are not just businesses, but custodians of history. 

They provide a bridge from the past to the present, allowing us to incorporate pieces of architectural heritage into our modern lives. 

Whether you’re looking to add character to your home, find unique items for a special project, or simply appreciate the beauty of reclaimed materials, London’s architectural salvage companies offer treasures that tell a story. 

With their commitment to re-use and preservation, they ensure that the legacy of craftsmanship and design continues to enrich our spaces for years to come.

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