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Kitchen Extension Ideas

Are you planning to extend your kitchen? Are you thinking about whether or not planning permission is mandatory for the extension? If yes, then this article is just the one you need. The ideal way to enhance your living space is to extend your house. Kitchen-extension is not only the most cost-effective alternative to moving away from your house but it is also the best way to add more value to your house. Another great thing about kitchen extension is that you can do anything in your own space. If you want to add some space for the dining table or a refrigerator you can do anything you want.  There will be different kitchen extension ideas for bungalows, kitchen extension ideas terraced house.

But you keep some key considerations in mind before choosing your one. If you read till the end, I can guarantee you can take a lot of meaning from this article about the kitchen extension ideas.


Things That You Need To Take Into Consideration

Before moving into your extension you need to do a bit of planning. One great way to start your project is to think about the things which you don’t like about your current kitchen. Think beyond space imitations. This will help you to approach the process more practically. This includes the type of extension you will make in your kitchen. In the early days’ people used to follow the separate kitchen dining method. Now, they are moving towards an open space where both the dining in the kitchen are in one open space. Your kitchen extension can not only provide an open space for cooking, but it can also provide room for guests, dining, relaxing and entertainment. That’s why planning is very important before you start your extension and make sure you know what you want to achieve.


Most people get carried away with kitchen extension. While it is great to have such kitchen extension ideas, it is more important to be practical. By that, I mean you should take those ideas which are within your budget. Before going into any type of extension in your house the first thing that you should consider is your budget. You need to remember that extension is a huge investment in your house. Your budget will decide which type of kitchen-extension you can make. If you are starting from scratch then you need to add your plumbing and electronic expenses which will come with your extension. For these reasons, cost should be the deciding factor for most people. The cost will also depend on how complex the build-up will get.

If you keep things simple then the overall cost will be reduced. Keep a proper record of your cost in trying to avoid unnecessary design,  shapes that will make things complex. To give you a better idea about the budget you need, we have a separate article about the total cost of a kitchen extension. You can just click the link below and read the article, it will help you to know about the cost you will need and will give you kitchen extension ideas.

Planning Permission

According to the parliament of the UK, you need to inform the government about the extension you are going to have in your house. It doesn’t matter whether your extension is small or big. A kitchen extension is considered to be a big modification in your house that’s why you need to have the planning permission for that. However, if your extension is a single-story and it will not exceed 4 metres tall or if it does not exceed half the width of the house, then you will not need planning permission.  Also if your extension is internal you do not need to extend your house and you will not need planning permission.

Type of Kitchen Extension:

It is better to know the different types of kitchen extension UK available because different extensions have different values. For example, a single storey extension can add the value of the house up to 10% of the original value of the house. However double-storey extensions can add at the value up to 20%.

Single storey kitchen extensions

They are a great way to add more space to your kitchen. They will only extend the first floor of your house without affecting the second floor. However, this extension is very useful to add more space for the dining table, or other appliances inside the kitchen. If you are looking for single storey kitchen extension ideas then it is better to see if the roof is going with the overall look of your house. Also if this type of extension is causing trouble for your neighbour, then it will be a big problem. Because in that case, they may send a letter to the local Council which will then give you article 4. That’s why it is always better to talk with your neighbours before starting the project.

Rear Kitchen Extensions

This extension is common in the UK and it is mainly extending your kitchen while taking some space from the garden. It is better if your house has no side return option. It extends from the back of your house and goes on in the middle of the garden. So that the door of the kitchen opens directly to the garden. This extension will reduce the size of your garden so think carefully before taking any step.

Conservatory Extensions

The first thing to know about this type of conversion is that it is the cheapest alternative out of all the options that’s why it is also a common and viable option. This type of conversion is typically common in houses where there is a lack of natural light.

Thanks for reading the article for the best kitchen extension ideas. 


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