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Garden Room Extension Ideas


What Is A Garden Room?

Garden rooms are simple but luxurious wooden rooms with tiled roofs and a personal choice of windows, doors, and stylings. They are an outdoor living space with electrics and insulation for comfortable use. They can serve as guest rooms, hobby rooms for personal recreation, home office rooms, and so on.

Garden Room Extension Ideas-1

Garden rooms are called such because they usually adhere to the gardens to mix and boost the beauty of the rooms. However, they do not serve only one purpose. Often people with multi-purposes for the garden rooms want extended garden rooms. The most popular reasons for a garden room extension –

  • For a better airy space that is also adding to the house extension.
  • For creating a personal space in the garden room separating it from the rest space – it may be workspace or entertainment space.
  • For effectively increasing the house area keeping the costs minimized.
  • Garden rooms are simple and one doesn’t need architecture for building a garden room. So, it’s easier to have it than to make another room.

With the extension of garden rooms, comes the question of garden room extension ideas. Garden room extension ideas can be:

  • The first and foremost idea of extension would follow by an increase in the room size. The floor, the roof, the walls, etc. have to be extended first.
  • The next garden room extension idea would be adding comfort furniture like – sofas

comfort furniture like – sofas- kpcl


This creates a relaxing place where a good time chit-chat can be made with friends or guests.

With many guests altogether, this can also work as a rest house or awaiting house thus adding to the extension of the garden room.



  • The next garden room extension idea would be adding furniture related to food. E.g., Dining table.

furniture related to food.E.g. Dining table


With guests in the garden room for a long time, it becomes impolite not to offer some refreshments. Thus, a dining

The table serves its purpose well in a garden room. A simple but stylish table that goes with the flooring and the theme of the garden The room would be a perfect extension.


  • The next garden room extension idea would be to make it functional for work or study purposes as well in case there are colleagues or clients instead of guests and friends. Such can be implemented by the addition of study tables.

garden rooms suitable for both kinds of weather

It’s fairly beautiful and comforting to work in a relaxing place. Both the client and the service provider would be pleased with the method of services.

The study table in the garden room is a hit combo for those who are professional therapists or psychological treaters. Because it is a magnificent place to conduct their work.



  • Another garden room extension idea would be to make the garden rooms suitable for both kinds of weather. Such would be achieved by – insulation and chimneys for winter and air conditioners for extreme summers.

air conditioners for extreme summers

It’s not “Summer” the whole year. To make the garden rooms useful in winters as well chimneys should be used to create heat. Insulation should be done to retain the heat. For such – double glazed windows and insulated walls should be used.

Neither it’s “winter” the whole year. Though the garden rooms are designed to be spacy and airy yet extreme summers can’t be dealt with with the plain breeze only. An air conditioner would be inevitable for harsh summers.

However, all the extensions would result in a large garden room. If space is a  limiting factor, then for smaller garden rooms the most important extensions would be to –

  • Make it suitable for every weather.
  • Make it efficient for serving as a guest drawing-room.
  • Have a small corner for a study table.

The aforementioned changes serve to make a useful small garden room extension.

Of course, the garden room extension design ideas will have to be adapted from the owner itself. The majority of the word garden room extension implies the addition of new things – let it be furniture or interiors and exteriors. So how things will be arranged in the room to give a flawless garden room extension is up to the owner. On average the garden room should look like below:

Bungalow garden room

And if it’s a Bungalow garden room then you can have big furniture and spacious installments. Maybe keep a separate place in the garden room for pets. Add a  small playing ground with toys inside the garden room for infants to play around mostly crawling around.

Some people take the idea of a kitchen in a garden room extension. I mean why not? It’s very aesthetic, right? Spacy garden rooms allow the warmth and vapours from the cooking to escape. It keeps the room less heated as the air circulation is continuing. Plus, in certain situations, it helps in both keeping the guest accompanied while cooking and continuing cooking together. It’s a very unique idea to install a kitchen in the garden room extension. So,

How Much Does A One-room Extension Cost?

Well, it actually depends. The only constant factors of costs are the wall, the ceiling, and the flooring. The remaining cost is defined by extensions from the furniture which can give varied costs depending upon the style the user chooses.  From Google searches the average costs would be £30,000-£35,000/room.

Can I Attach My Garden Room With My House In A Front Extension?

I will say it’s the best garden room extension model ever. Guests/clients will be treated in the frontal garden room directly. There’s no need to enter into the house’s privacy.  Rather than adding a garden room in the frontal, exactly in the house entrance, the gate increases both its décor and the look of the entire house. It qualifies as a class.

What Is The Difference Between A Garden House And A Conservatory? 

A conservatory is actually a more transparent version of a garden room whereas a  garden room is a bit more private. The conservatory usually consists of average space whereas garden rooms can be huge or small. Plus, a conservatory is mostly glazed. Therefore, it’s brighter than the garden rooms. Its structure, as can be guessed, is mostly glasses whereas garden rooms use roofs as well.

Overall a garden room is a very unique quality of a house. It increases the value of the property, enhances the sight of the property, and provides a betterment of the house. Thus, a garden room extension would be a very good decision.


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