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Building A Dormer Step By Step Guide

October 09 2020
Building A Dormer Step By Step Guide


Building A Dormer

Building a dormer heard the word dormer before. You’ve heard people talk, gush, and brag about them. But what exactly are dormers? Well, it’s easy to get confused since people often use the term in referring to different things. It can use interchangeably to talk about a converted upper-level room, a horizontal extension of the converted room, or a window in the room itself. But a good way to get it all straight is to look at the pitch of a roof, and whenever you see any gabled windows rise from its surface, you’re observing a dormer at work. In this article, we are going to talk about things related to dormer, How do you build a dormer, How do you make a dormer step by stepDo you need building regs for a dormer, How much does it cost to put a dormer on a house, etc.

What Is A full Dormer?

A full dormer is a window that is typically set vertically on a sloping roof. The dormer has its own roof, which may be flat, arched, hipped, pointed, or ornamented. Dormer windows may be built into the roof or a wall and they come in many shapes and sizes. The kind of roof on the dormer may complement the larger roof or other architectural details of the house. Dormers can add beauty and curb appeal to your home, or they can end up making your house look ridiculous, so you should carefully consider when and where to add them.

How Do You Make A Dormer Step By Step?

It is quite easy and less expensive to build a dormer if you can follow the right procedure. So here is a simple procedure you need to follow for building a dormer step by step:

  1. Building a roof dormer is an ambitious and challenging project. You should have a few remodeling projects under your belt before tackling a task this big and complex. If you’re a little unsure of your rough-framing or roofing skills, hire a carpenter to help with this phase of the roof dormer project.
  2. Work out dormer details on paper. As dormers are complex and not every house is suitable. To make sure the dormers work, we recommend hiring an architect who specializes in residential construction or remodeling. The architecture will help you consider issues such as roof slope, interior headroom, exterior appearance, structural strength, roof condition, and cost. If the dormer is feasible, the architecture will draw up plans that include all the dimensions and special structural details. Use the plans to obtain a building permit from your local building inspections department. After the plans have been approved by the building department, take them to a full-service lumberyard.
  3. Layout the dormer on the attic floor before opening the roof. Before you can cut the hole for the roof dormer, you must know exactly where the side walls will be built. Mark the dormer wall layout on the attic floor and make sure the dormer walls are square with the exterior wall of the house. Use a plumb bob to transfer the inside edge of the walls to the underside of the roof. Drive nails up through the roof at the corners. Return to the roof, remove shingles in the area, and snap chalk lines between the protruding nail points.
  4. Plumb and square the front wall. After seemingly endless planning and preparation, you’ll finally see real progress when the walls go up.
  5. Cut and install the rafters. You don’t have to understand all the technicalities of rafter cutting to build the dormer roof. Make the full-scale drawing to the dimensions and roof slope in your plan and use it to measure the exact height of the ridge and the lengths and angles on the common rafters. If the slope of your dormer roof is the same as that of the old roof, you can use the roof jig technique shown to measure the slope and transfer it to the new rafters.
  6. Finish the roof and exterior. Fill in the gable end studs after the rafters are complete. Then install the roof sheathing. It’s a great feeling to have the structure closed in and ready to finish, but now it is not the time to rush the job.
  7. Finally, finish the interior. Once the dormer is weathertight and you can sleep without worrying about the pitter-patter of rain, move inside. Add rafter ties to strengthen the roof and to provide space for insulation and ventilation. Then you can proceed with the electrical rough-in, insulation, drywall, and woodwork.

How Much Does It Cost To Put A Dormer On A House UK?

Now, this is a common question. What is the total expense for building a dormer? Actually, it depends on various kinds of things. Such as the type of window or roof you want or even the size of the dormer. Because each type has its own price. But no worries, we will provide you with the average cost needed. It typically costs between $2,500 to $20,000 for professional dormer installation or about $115 per square foot.

There are several options for dormers, including shed, flat, gable, and hip. Smaller projects, like adding a window dormer, cost about $4,000. Larger remodels like adding a bathroom dormer run about $24,000. Depending on the scope of the work – like adding multiple dormers – cost can climb over $100,000. Speak with a roofer near you about the specifics of your renovation to find out about the exact price.

Here is some average cost you need for each type of roof:

Type              Cost Per Square Foot

Shed              $75-$120

Flat                $80-$125

Gable            $110-$150

Hip                 $115-$135

Finally, I would like to conclude by saying that when you are considering renovating your home, giving a gable dormer a thought will be to great advantage for you. It will not only beautify your home but also add additional space and ventilation to your home. Hope that this article cleared all your questions related to building a dormer step by step.



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